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Is my payment secure?
Peace of mind is important to us, that’s why we have teamed up with Stripe, they keep your details safe. Their state of the art security means your details will not be transferred.
How many businesses are sent?
We only send 4 businesses to the consumer so you will know there are only 3 other people offering their service, the four quickest in fact.
How much does it cost me?
$1 – we only charge when you want to do a job for a consumer (assuming you are one of the first 4 to respond)
How is it so economical?
We are simply the cheapest option because each of our consumers uses us weekly, thus the cost of acquiring the consumer is much cheaper than traditional market aggregates.
How do we pay?
We use Stripe, the Australian leader in online payments. You choose how much your credit card is charged. Note, if we charge your credit card $50 or more and you allow for automatic top up, then we pay the credit card fees for you. We don’t need your credit card details until the payment period begins.
Any additional fees?
There are no joining or ongoing fees. The only time you pay is when you request your details to be sent for a job
Do I get to choose which job I want?
Yes, you choose which job you want. Don’t say yes to anything you can’t do, it will just waste your time and others. We suggest if you really want the job, offer the customer something special so they pick you.
Do we get rated?
We think it is really important that potential consumers know how great you are so we ask them to rate you. After every job, the consumer has the opportunity to rate the service provider.
Are there any administration fees?
There are no administration fees, just the $1 every time you want to let a consumer know you are available.
Keywords, I don’t understand?
These would be your words which people often use to search for you. For example, if you are a masseuse, then people often search for massage, massage therapy, Thai massage, if you have done Google SEO or SEM, what keywords to describe your business have you used?
Definitely keeping this to myself!
Maybe in the short term but here are some compelling reasons to help get more people using Get It Sorted (don’t forget we are the cheapest, most effective way for you to get in front of the consumers you want)
  1. With a bigger and better network of awesome businesses, consumers will use us before everyone else.
  2. Become a trendsetter, someone people come to for ideas.
  3. With more people on the system, the community will be stronger.
  4. We give you 10 free credits - better word.

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